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A Brief Family History - SERENIO (Motherside)

How we all got here...




Isabel Serenio Ybanez - 74 years old
Folk Museum Korea, 2003

I will begin the family roots from my Motherside ISABEL SERENIO YBANEZ. She was born in November 26, 1930 in a small island of HIMAY-ANGAN, SOUTHERN LEYTE. Her Parents met in this Island and all their childrens are born and raised there too. Here are the Lists of  Family Names of Origin .


Family Origin - PHILIPPINES

Mother Family Origin - Himay-angan







Died 1941

(Age 75 yrs.old) 

(Parents-Tore SERENIO wife Victoriana CABAN)

(Both Deceased)




Died 1970

(Age 102 yrs.old)

(Parents- Eugenio CANON wife Raymunda MINA)

(Both Deceased)


 1. (Son) Severino Serenio (deceased)wife Leonida Yu 



(Child 1) Linda Yu Serenio husband Nicanor Duro


(1a)  Josephine Serenio Duro husband from Iligan with 4 childrens

(1b)  Loloy Serenio Duro wife from Iligan with no children

(1c)  Perla Serenio Duro husband from Germany with one child

(1d)  Dodo Serenio Duro wife from Cagayan  w/ one child

(1e)  Enday  Serenio Duro husband from Germany with no child


(Child 2)  Alfreido Serenio wife Inday  w/ 4 childrens


(Child 3)  Amparo Serenio husband Christino Gabon

(3a) Riza Serenio Gabon husband Ben Capili with 3 childrens

(3b) Ernesto Serenio Gabon wife from Manila with 2 childrens

(3c) Ricky Serenio Gabon wife Lyn Amaga with 1 child

(3d) Ariel & Arneil Serenio Gabon (twins) Singles


(Child 4) Titing Serenio wife Edith Merka 

(4a) Tantan Merka Serenio (single)

(4b) Edwin Merka Serenio wife from Leyte no child

(4c) Liza Merka Serenio (single)


(Child 5) Florida Serenio husband Lim

(5a) Flores Serenio Lim husband from Iligan with 2 childrens

(5b) Sony Serenio Lim wife from Leyte with 2 childrens


(Child 6) Rector Serenio wife Editha Casira (no child)



2.(Daughther) Palabia Serenio(deceased)husband Pablito Villamor



(child1) Lita Serenio Villamor husband Rogelio from Davao with 3 childrens


(child2) Tanciong Serenio Villamor wife Amparo from Davao no child


(child3) Pablito Serenio Villamor wife Bebe from Davao no child


(child4) Edwin Serenio Villamor (single) deceased



3. (Son) Anaklito Serenio (deceased)wife Elena Simbahon


(child1) Elsie Simbahon Serenio (single)


(child2) Luz Simbahon Serenio husband Jose Quizon 


(2a) Mark Serenio Quizon

(2b) Wilson Serenio Quizon

(2c) Julius Serenio Quizon

(2d) (daughter) Serenio Quizon


(child3) Warley Simbahon Serenio wife w/ 4 childrens


(child4)  Rodolfo Simbahon Serenio(deceased) wife Norma w/ 2 childrens


(child5) Virgina Simbahon Serenio husband Winifredo Mangare


(5a) Charles Serenio Mangare

(5b) Nicky Serenio Mangare


 4. (Son) Kriberto Serenio (deceased)wife Bensia


(child1) Berting Serenio wife Diosdada Dakota


(1a)  Along Dakota Serenio wife Daday 4 childrens

(1b)  Junjun Dakota Serenio wife Marlene Docdoc with 1 child

(1c)  Tata Dakota Serenio (single) deceased

(1d)  Marino Dakota Serenio(single)

(1e)  Concepcion Dakota Serenio husband    Japanese with 3 childrens

(1f)   Mamay Dakota Serenio husband with 1 child


(Child2) Angelita Serenio husband Loloy Angeles

(2a)  Myrna Serenio Angeles husband Tony with 2 childrens

(2b)  Arnel Serenio Angeles wife no child

(2c)  Tony  Serenio Angeles (single)


(Child3) Salvador Serenio wife Anita w/ 3 (Single) childrens


(Child4) Mardonio Serenio (single) 1 child 1 grandchild


(Child5) Laurensia Serenio Husband Boy from Leyte with 4 childrens


(Child6) Marcelino Serenio (single)


(Child7) Rebecca Serenio Husband Paralito Arbiol 


(7a)  Heidi Serenio Arbiol

(7b)  Fara Serenio Arbiol

(7c)  Dodong Serenio Arbiol

(7d)  Kookok Serenio Arbiol


5.(Daughter) Janowaria Serenio husband Alejandro Cabason



(Child 1) Rosario Serenio Cabason Husband Gerun Espana


(1a)  Evelyn Cabason Espana Husband Anthony Cacho with 3 childrens

(1b)  Imelda Cabason Espana husband Alan Almansor w/ 4 childrens

(1c)  Marcelo Cabason Espana wife Leah w/ 4 childrens

(1d)  Marshall Cabason Espana wife Liza w/ 4 childrens

(1e)   Elvira Cabason Espana (single)

(1f )   Edwin Cabason Espana (single)

(1g)   Gerundio Cabason Espana wife w/ 1 child

(1h)  Myrna Cabason Espana husband Ben w/ 3 childrens

(1i )  Michael Cabason Espana wife Raquel w/ 3 childrens

(1j )  Minardo Cabason Espana (single)

(1k)  Jocelyn Cabason Espana (single)


(Child 2) Amado Serenio Cabason wife Evangeline Avila


(2a)  Alexander Avila Cabason wife no child

(2b)  Nilda Avila Cabason (single)

(2c)  Alejandro  Avila Cabason wife Loti w/ 2 childrens

(2d)  Amado Jr. Avila Cabason wife w/ 1 child

(2e)  Nelia Avila Cabason (single)

(2f )  Manuelito Avila Cabason (single) deceased

(2g)  Madelyn Avila Cabason (single)

(2h)  Lizardo Avila Cabason (single)

(2i )   Evelyn Avila Cabason (single)


(Child 3) Neto Serenio Cabason wife Rosita Felicilda


(3a)  Eileen Felicilda Cabason (single)

(3b)  Elionor Felicilda Cabason wife Mary w/ 2 childrens 

(3c)  Leo Felicilda Cabason wife no child

(3d)  Analyn Felicilda Cabason husband Alan no child

(3e)  Willie Felicilda Cabason wife w/ 1 child

(3f )  Nicky Felicilda Cabason (single)

(3g)  Janeth Felicilda Cabason (single)

(3h)   Rosenit Felicilda Cabason (single)

(2c)   Eileen (single)      (2f) Sonny (single)


(Child 4) Manuel Serenio Cabason wife Divina Gracia no children ( both deceased)


(Child 5) Solidad Cabason husband Genie Lindo


(5a)  Geniel Cabason Lindo (single)

(5b)  Genessa Cabason Lindo (single)

(5c)  Glen Cabason Lindo (single)

(5d)  Genesis Cabason Lindo (single)

(5e)  Geneilois Cabason Lindo (single)

(5f )  Geneivesol Cabason Lindo (single)


(Child 6) Elmo Serenio Cabason wife Maria Victoria Martin 


(6a)  Amares Grace Martin Cabason

(6b)  Alessandra Martin Cabason

(6c)  Alejandro Martin Cabason

(6d)  Vince Martin Cabason


(Child7) Lazaro Serenio Cabason wife Alma Viray w/ 4 childrens



6. (daughter) Primitiva Serenio (deceased)husband Benido Geirs


(child1) Maria Nenita Serenio de la Serna (single)(1st husband daughter)


(child2) Eliza Serenio Geirs husband Fajardo w/ 4 childrens


(Child 3) Wilfredo Serenio Geirs & wife Rosefe Jayma with no child


(child4) Helen Serenio Geirs husband Ernesto w/ 3 childrens


(child5) Jolito Serenio Geirs wife Elizabeth Doseo w/ no children




7. (Son) Victor Serenio (deceased)

wife Josefina Lopez



(child1) Fernando Lopez Serenio(single) deceased


(Child2) Rosinda Lopez Serenio husband Dodong Melban w/ 5 childrens


(child3) Tommy Lopez Serenio wife Jopil w/ 4 childrens


(child4) Jesus Lopez Sereni wife Lorna w/ 8 childrens


(child5) Inday Lopez Serenio (single) deceased


(child6) Lolong Lopez Serenio wife with no children


(child7) Lorna Lopez Serenio (single) w/ 1 child




8.(Son) Sepriano Serenio (deceased) wife Lourdes Sodoso


(child1) Norberto Sodoso Serenio (single)   


(child2) Perla Sodoso Serenio husband w/ 8 childrens 


(child3) Evangeluz Sodoso Serenio(single)


(child4) Glenda Sodoso Sereni (single) 


(child5) Alan Sodoso Serenio wife w/ children         


(child6) Santi Sodoso Serenio (single)


(Child7) Arman Sodoso Serenio (single)


(Child8) Leah Sodoso Serenio (single)



9.(Son) Pedro Serenio wife Maria with no child


10. (Son) Bartolome Serenio (single) deceased



11. (Daughter) Isabel Serenio husband Roberto Ybanez



(First Husband) Ismael Rosales-deceased


(Child1) Adelina Rosales husband Ernesto Buensalida


(1a) Wilson Rosales wife with 2 childrens


(Child2) Abelardo Rosales Wife Tessie


(2a)  Julie Anne Rosales 

(2b)  Jordan  Rosales   

(2c)  Abi Rosales (deceased)


(Child 3) Estelita Serenio Rosales 


1st Marriage (Steve Nelson) from U.S.A.


(3a) Carolyn Rosales Nelson husband Tony Than  From VIETNAM   

(3a1)  Christian Nelson Than


(3b)  Elizabeth Rosales Nelson (single)     

(3c)  Charlie Rosales Nelson (single)  


2nd Marriage  (Nasir Faroque) from INDIA


(3d)  Irza Rosales Faroque

(3e)  Ebraham Rosales Faroque



(Second Husband) Roberto Cubillas Ybanez - deceased


(Child 4) Reynaldo Serenio Ybanez wife Doris Docdoc


(4a)  Michael Docdoc Ybanez (single)  

(4b)  Sheila Docdoc Ybanez (single)

(4c)  Aiza Docdoc Ybanez  (single)  

(4d)  Mary Grace Docdoc Ybanez (single)


(Child 5) Ronaldo Serenio Ybanez (single)


(Child 6) Marissa Serenio Ybanez husband Andrew Hughes from NEW ZEALAND


(6a) Alyssa Mae Ybanez Hughes


(Child 7) Clarissa Serenio Ybanez husband Hideo Hamasaki from JAPAN


(7a)  Rie Ybanez Hamasaki               

(7b)  Tsutomo Ybanez Hamasaki


(Child 8) Emmanuel Serenio Ybanez (single)


(Child 9) Rafael Serenio Ybanez wife Mardie Mateo 


(9a)  Ivan Mateo Ybanez


(Child 10) Rodrigo Serenio Ybanez (single)





Brief Family History- YBANEZ (Fatherside)

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